How can I check that your engineer is qualified for the work that I need to be carried out?

All of our engineers are certified by the relevant bodies, Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd holds copies of all of the engineer’s certificates and can present these if requested. Additionally, you can contact the governing bodies directly:

Gas Safe - Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd is Gas Safe registered, our registration number is 9214 entering this number into the Gas Safe website will bring up the company details however for individual engineers you will need their Gas Safe number. All of our engineers carry there Gas safe cards on them, simply ask to see their card and enter the number into the Gas Safe website, don’t worry they will not take offence it is your right to check that they are registered. Alternatively, contact our office and we will be able to advise the engineers Gas Safe number.

Oftec - Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd is Oftec registered, to confirm the registration Oftec can be contacted either by phone 08456 585080, fax 08456 585181 or via email

If you would like to book one of our experienced, qualified, Gas, Oil or LPG engineers to come and investigate the fault, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01189 303738 or email