Upgrading our systems, improving our service!

28-Jan-2015 click jobs

In 2014 Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd improved our operating systems sufficiently by upgrading our complete software and communications systems. This involved:

  • Replacing all the existing office computers with brand new, faster models with increased memory and the very latest in Microsoft software
  • Upgrading our operating systems to Clik 4
  • Providing all our on the road team with the latest in Smartphone technology, the Samsung Note 3 to access Clik 4 directly
  • Upgrading our Accounts team to the very latest version of Sage

With the engineering team now having instant access to Clik 4 it has allowed them to complete the reporting directly from site (WIFI allowing), because of this our office team have been able to action works faster with the final result being that we have been able to reduce turnaround time sufficiently.

Clik Jobs & Gas Engineer Software Apps

Now in 2015 Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd are improving our systems all over again by signing up to the new Clik Jobs and Gas Engineer Software Apps. We are currently trailing both of these Apps so we can ensure that we are able to tailor these programmes to our customer’s exact needs and requirements.

Once these programmes go live by installing and training our teams on these two apps it will stream line our existing systems even further by cutting out some of the previously lengthier processes, which in turn means that we can offer our customers a faster response time from initial bookings, to providing the engineers report/s and the issuing of certification.

We will keep you updated on progress, we hope to have the whole team ‘live’ in the very near future.