Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd's Hawaii Day 201804-Sep-2018

Office Manager Bryce Bellman recently purchased a Hawaiian shirt, which on arrival to the office lead to much discussion and banter but soon escalated into... the first ever Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd's Hawaii Day on Friday 31st August 2018!!!

The team never miss an opportunity to get all dressed up and Hawaii day was no exception, even engineers David Guppy and Andrew Rumble got in on the act (albeit they weren't brave enough to wear it out of the office!).

Quality Manager Kellie Pickett even mocked the team up in Hawaii...

As the team did such a fantastic job of getting in the Hawaiian mood, the Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd's Directors treated the team to Hawaiian pizzas (The team may have snuck few extras on the order - not sure how Hawaiian chicken wings, spicy Chicken bits and garlic bread are???)

Thank you very much to all the staff that got involved and made the Hawaiian day a brilliant success and to the Directors for the food, we look forward to more themed days in the future!

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