Big T's Army - The AMUK News Feed Takeover 2019!20-Mar-2019

Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd is proud of our entire team and the personal charity efforts made by them each year. Earlier this year we announced that 3 of our Senior Administration team members Abbie, Kellie and Marc will once again face the Tough Mudder to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Action.  

When they competed back in 2017 they took over the Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd website so this time we have this page dedicated to their journey and fundraising efforts.

Please check in from time to time to see how they are progressing in the build-up to Saturday 4th May 2019! 

So Team over to you....

Kellie Pickett - 17th April 2019

It's been a week since we updated so thought I would jump on the website and update all of those people that are following our journey.

The team has been training hard, in preparation the team have been hitting the gym, the football pitch and Abbie escaped on holiday!

The team are working equally hard to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Action, which is why we are doing it after all! As of today, the team has raised an amazing £2,360.18!!! 

Emma has already held a brilliant bake sale, and coming up there is a football tournament, raffle and a Halloween themed bake sale (The baker is only 4, so we can forgive the Halloween theme in April. To donate to Milla's Bake Sale click HERE) so we are confident we can bring this figure up to our target.

If you haven’t yet donated, but you wish to, please donate to any of the pages below simply by clicking the names below. It doesn't matter who you donate to, they all join together to make Big T’s Army and all donations go to Pancreatic Cancer Action;

Kellie Pickett - 11th April 2019

It's getting very real now, Emma from the team has already held a bake sale which looked fantastic to help raise funds and I am presently arranging a 'PJ Party' for the end of this month for the AMUK Office Team.

Yesterday I dragged another of the team Rosina Whelan from Cotswold Fayre to the gym for a bit of pre-mudder training, as you can see we were all smiles in the end.

I am very excited to let everyone know that as of this morning the combined team donations had reached a fantastic £2,128.18!!! Thank you very much to everyone that has donated, we really appreciate it.

For those that haven't donated yet but would like to, please visit one of our collection pages;

Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd - 9th April 2019

We came into work this morning to find the faces of our very own Abbie, Kellie and Marc on the Reading Chronicle website, click HERE to visit the page now!

We are of course very proud of our three but it's not just them, Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd have come to know almost all of the team over the years, and consider them friends of the company. Those that are not in the team are still going to be working hard to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Action, there will be a Bake Sale, among other events to come. We will make sure we keep you updated will all the information as we have it.

The Team are also very proud to say that since their last update the donations keep coming, and as of this morning, they have raised a combined £1,927.18 which is fantastic.

The Tough Mudder Team - 5th April 2019

Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd, along with the Tough Mudder Team would like to thank;
  • M Newitt on behalf of Appromatt Ltd
  • John Rolph on behalf of Smith Brothers
  • Everyone at PR Motors
  • Keith Evans on behalf of KWE Services
  • Several employees of A2 Dominion
  • John Thackray on behalf of Mec
  • S&B Renovations
  • And any others who haven't left their company names

For their very kind donations to Abbie, Kellie and Marc who are facing the Tough Mudder on the 4th May 2019 for Pancreatic Cancer Action.

Big T’s Army is a team of almost 30 people, and we are thrilled to say that the combined team has raised £1,618.00 to date!

If you haven’t yet donated, but you wish to, please donate to any of the pages below simply by clicking the names below. It doesn't matter who you donate to, they all join together to make Big T’s Army and all donations go to Pancreatic Cancer Action;

Kellie - 1st April 2019

Last year many of my lovely family and friends supported me on my Brave the Shave Journey, and many people told me I was brave...but to be honest, whilst really appreciated all I had to do was sit there 😊

BUT on 4th May 2019 I am facing the Tough Mudder as my Charity fundraiser of the year and I am not ready and unlike in 2017 I actually know what I am getting into to! I know I am still not fit, have put on weight, found 2018 one of the hardest years for a long time and that has taken its toll on me, so believe when I tell you it takes everything I have to face it again. I will never be at the front, but I will be at the back with others like me, pushing each other one to go on because we know together we can make it.

In 2019 I run (well walk, mostly) for Tony and all the other people that have fought or are fighting Pancreatic Cancer. Aniexty or not, I do it for them because they would do it themselves if they could. I kindly ask anyone that is able you support the team and I on this journey, no matter how small, the £2 normally spent on a coffee would make a difference to us. Please visit our team page

Kellie - 22nd March 2019

Thank you very much AMUK employees Andrew Rumble and Bruce Auger who kindly donated with only some nagging from Marc, Abbie and I. To date the combined teams have now reached a fantastic £740.00!!!

But why are there so many Justgiving pages, we keep being asked.

 Well, Abbie is heading up the Tough Mudder 2019 team and has been working directly with Pancreatic Cancer Action to set up a central account, including the Justgiving page which can be found HERE.

However, several fantastic employers including Sage and Cotswold Fayre have agreed to match the amount raised by their employees which is why they need their own pages.

If you wish to view all the individual pages, the central page to see the entire team can be found HERE.

Kellie - 20th March 2019

Thank you to Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd for all your support and for allowing us to take over this page so we can speak to all those people that are taking the time to support the team and our aims to raise at least £2,500.00 for Pancreatic Cancer Action. Yesterday was a fantastic day for fundraising, Abbie, Marc and I would love to thank David Leach, Tina Jacura, John Thackray from MEC, Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd for all your very kind donations following Abbie's email!

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank Andrew Dale, Jordan Penn, Andy Trott, Kris Smith, Sue Fisher, Christine Wort, Lesley & Anthony Robertson and Peter Coggs who had already very kindly donated.

Thanks to everyone that has donated to date, we have now raised £350.00, which is an amazing 15% of our target!!!

For anyone that is yet to donate, if you are able (no matter how big or small) please visit our team page to help us reach our target.

Abbie - 19th March 2019

On the 4th May, we will be taking on the Tough Mudder challenge, along with 33 others, to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer, in memory of a good family friend. Tony, not a day goes by that we don’t think of you, and admire you for the strength you showed us all through your battle with this terrible disease.

In honour of a man we loved so dearly, we ask if you can, please support us in raising money for this amazing cause. We hope that the money we raise will go towards finding a cure, so others won’t have to suffer. If you would like to donate, no matter how small, please follow the link below 💜

Please come back soon for more updates from the Team!

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