Building Mental Health Charter31-Jul-2019

Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees. Whilst physical health has been at the forefront of our business for over 20 years, over the past few years the company has been exploring how best to work with our employees to help maintain positive mental wellbeing.

General Manager Bryce Bellman and Accreditations & Quality Coordinator Kellie Pickett have been extensively researching different options available and with the help of our Health and Safety provider THSP, they were directed to the Building Mental Health website and sevices.

Using the guidance provided by the Building Mental Health site, the team worked hard the ensure that all required steps were in place and in July 2019 Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd's Director David Jones signed the Building Mental Health Charter;

By signing the charter Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd has agreed that it will adopt and commit to the principles of the Building Mental Health Charter, pledging to: 

  • Provide awareness and understanding of the impact of poor mental ill-health to our workforce and promote positive mental health through facilitated workshops, with the aims of:
    • Reducing stigma and discrimination
    • Encouraging conversation in the workplace
  • Educate and enable champions from across the workforce to support keeping our people safe
  • Provide access to accredited Mental Health First Aid training and provide assistance to signpost workers to support in their communities
  • Recognise and accept education and training provided by peers and Building Mental Health partners

To ensure the companies ongoing commitment to the charter on 5th July 2019, Kellie Pickett became the companies first Mental Health First Aider. Over the past month, she has been working hard to raise awareness of mental wellbeing and preparing to do awareness training in the entire Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd team.

All employees are currently attending toolbox talks in small groups, allowing Kellie the chance to raise awareness, ensuring all employees are aware of the resources available to them and ensuring that all they understand the principles of the Building Mental Health Charter that we have committed to.

Following several of the toolbox talks for Mental Health Awareness, Kellie has provided all attendees with a list of resources that she has found has been greatly useful to her when she has been researching the talk, all of which she has kindly provided below for anyone interested;      

Resource Website
Building Mental Health
Construction Industry Helpline App Android
Construction Industry Helpline App iPhone
Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England
Mental Health at Work
Mindfulness Apps
Project ;
Ted Talks Mental Health
Theale Wellbeing Centre - Mindfulness

Videos Website
Mace - Starting the Conversation
Mind - Ideas for Relaxation
MHFA - Stress Container
Samaritans - Small Talk Save Lives Sarah
Samaritans - Small Talk Save Lives 2019
Ted Talk - Nikki Webber Allen

We look forward to expanding our work with Mental Health Awareness over the next 12 months and will keep our employees, customers and suppliers updated.

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