Cross Training11-Jul-2016

At Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd we are always looking to get the very best from our staff, we work hard to ensure that our workforce our highly trained and motivated in their roles. Recently we have taken feedback from all staff members and found that the Engineering and Office teams wanted to know more about each other’s roles. Happy to do anything we can to assist with internal team relations, we arranged for cross training.  

First our Unit 2 office team Abbie, Gemma, Hazel and Marc went out to spend the morning at Sparsholt College. They were given a full tour of the grounds by our Director David Jones visiting the Animal Centres, Aquarium, Hotel, Reptile Care, Shute Building and Sports Hall. They also had the pleasure of visiting the main site contacts, Ben Gilliam and Jackie.

As the team were eager to learn about how a plant room operates Mr Jones thoroughly went through the set up of the Hotel Plant Room and how it is maintained. Next, they met up with the onsite engineer to run through the works that he regularly carries out on site. Having the team with him gave the engineer an excellent opportunity to demonstrate some of the obstacles the engineers face in their roles, which they would not necessarily know when you work in an office which will aid them when booking in works in the future.

The on the way back from site Mr Jones took the team into Marley Eternit Ltd and Spring Farm Estates to have a look at how those sites compare and differed from the set up at Sparsholt College.

Next our A2 team Denise, Karina and Mike spent the day with Director Ricky Gale visiting our A2 Dominion contacts and the sites they manage. The team were able to meet Soraiya from Charles Clore Court, Susan from Chimney Court, Gina from Neville Court and Sharon, Gemma & Paula from Chartwell Flats. This was a great opportunity to build relationships with people that they speak to almost on a daily basis.

They were also able to visit Audrey Needham House, Randolph Court and Victory Close. Mr Gale was able to walk them through various plant room setups, explaining how they operate and how we maintain them. Next, he showed them how to carry out some of the works they book on the engineers regularly.

Finally, it was the turn of the engineers to come into the office, they sat which each of the members of the office team to gain insight of the role that person has within the team. Each office member went through what tasks they were individually responsible for, and why it needed to be done before demonstrating the central working systems that Advanced Maintenance uses and processes they must follow to ensure that everything is completed correctly. This also gave them the opportunity to demonstrate the importance of the engineers completing all required documentation when required, and the consequences of what happens when the systems are not followed correctly.

Now that we have completed the cross-training we are positive that this exercise has given each of the team understanding of each other’s roles and the challenges they face in their day to day tasks.

On behalf of everyone involved I would like to say a big thank you to Sparsholt College, Marley Eternit Ltd, Spring Farm Estates, A2 Dominion and all the people on site that came to speak to the team, we greatly appreciate everyone taking the time out of their busy schedules to meet with us and explain the inner site workings.

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