Dress Down Friday - Baby Photo Quiz!27-Feb-2018

Previously the Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd office was split into 2 separate buildings but with the expansion in 2017, the team are now all together in one open plan office.

To assist the teams in getting to know each other a little better, Management implanted that the last Friday of the month is dressed down Friday, where the team gets together and have lunch and generally get to know each other a little better.

Last week a conversation about baby photos came up so the team decided to introduce the Dress Down Friday Quiz!!!

In the picture above is Abbie, Andrew, Bryce, Denise, Elvina, Emma, Gemma, Karina, Kellie, Marc, Natasha and adopted non-employee Tom - Can you spot who’s who?

Congratulations to our winner Emma who amazingly guessed them all!!! Director Mr Gale presented Emma with a bottle of Champagne

A well-done team, a great afternoon. Looking forward to next months quiz!

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