Elvina’s Engineers Work Experience Morning14-Sep-2018

On 13th September 2018, Senior Engineer Tony Williams took Team Administrator Elvina to find out more about the work that she books in daily for the team and challenges faced by Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd engineers out on the road.

Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd encourages role experience for both the engineering and office teams so they have a better understanding of how the two roles fit together and to give an understanding of issues that both teams can come up against.

First, it was off to Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue in Reading to investigate why the Oil in the Demonstration Area was not getting hot enough. Tony investigated the existing setup and carried out the required modifications, once completed he tested and managed to get the oil up to 300 degrees within 15 mins. Tony showed Elvina how he uses the Clik Jobs app to complete the report that she usually receives in the office.


Next Tony took Elvina to some call outs for one of our Care Home contracts. At Longmore Road, they investigated a report of the Kitchen tap being only lukewarm, on investigation, they found that the thermostatic mixing valve was faulty so Tony explained the process of sourcing and ordering materials. They completed the paperwork for the office team to quote the customer for the additional works that need to be done as per our customer's procedure.

Finally, it was to Cornerways to investigate a report of a toilet that had become 'Wobbly'. On-site, they investigated and found that the screws needed to be replaced, once fitted the toilet was tested for leaks and the digital report completed on our Clik jobs system.


Thank you very much to Tony Williams for kindly taking Elvina out to demonstrate the working practises and challenges faced by the engineering team.

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