Kellie has Braved the Shave for Macmillan - £1,131.00 Raised01-Oct-2018

Our Quality Assurance Manager Kellie Pickett ‘Braved the Shave’ on 29th September 2018 to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support©!

Kellie has asked us to post the following thank you to everyone that helped her on her journey;

It’s been almost 4 days since I shaved all my hair off on the Brave the Shave and Macmillan Coffee Morning. When I last checked my total had reached a fantastic £1,131.00!

I cannot begin to thank all of those that donated but will try; 

 To those of cut off plaits and/or shaved my head Ricky, Emma, Darren, Milla, Rosina, Abbie, Gemma, Scott M, Karina, Mum and Alexandra thank you very much for paying the money to do so and for being very brave as I know some of you found it hard.

PHOTO 1 - Plaits 1-3: Milla & Rosina, Gemma and Karina 

PHOTO 2 - Plaits 4-6: Scott, Abbie and Alexandra

PHOTO 3 - Plaits 7-8: Joann and Bryce

PHOTO 4 - The Brave Shavers: Ricky, Emma and Darren;

To the people that donated online, a huge thank you;Abbie, Adrian Crilly, Alexandra & Zain Mehmood, Amanda Sparrow, Amber Daniels, Andrew Fowle, Andrew Rumble, Bruce Auger, Bryce Bellman, Chris Ingleby, D Wright, Daniel & Marcia Watkins, David Leach, David Guppy, David Jones, Darren Pickett, Denise Sandoe, Emma & Tom, Emma Huse, Elvina Bång, Frank & Marlene Cleary, Gary Innes, Gemma & Tom Beadle, Genna Fowler, Greg Fisher, Hazel L, Joann Watkins, Justin Chilvers, Karen & Harry Hamilton, Karina Foster, Kat, Alice and Jessica Perfect, Marcus Sharkey, Mike & Marion Cox, Natasha, Mark, Vicky and Daniel Cornall, Paul Hargreaves, Paul Finn, Paul Sims, Ricky Gale, Rosina & Tim Whelan, Sandra Snook, Sarah Walker, Scott Miles, Tony & Becky Williams, Vicky Vance and Warren and Joanne Donbavand.

If I have missed anybody, please accept my apologies just human error, also I am not alerted when people donate by text.

So much love to you all, thank you.


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