Tough Mudder Fund Raising 2016 inc Updates - £1220.00 Raised!!!01-Feb-2016

On 30th April 2016, a team of six from Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd and A2Dominion will be facing the punishing physical challenge of the Tough Mudder in Henley.

The team has been training hard already to get into shape and as an added motivation the team have has chosen to do it all to raise money for Epilepsy Research UK.

UPDATE 01/02/2016: We are on our way to our fundraising goal having already raised £125.00! Thank you to our donors who have chosen to stay anonymous and an extra special thank you to S&B for the £100.00 donation. Every donation helps to our £500.00 target.

UPDATE 05/02/2016: We are now 45% of the way to our target of £500.00! Thank you very much to Catherine, Warren and Nathan for your very kind £100.00 donation, the team really appreciate your support! The Epilepsy Research UK vests arrived this morning and Marc was so excited he already has his on! Looking good Marc, think green maybe your colour! 


UPDATE 11/02/2016: Thanks to your generosity Karen Rawe and Mark Worthington the team has now reached 66% of the target £500.00!

UPDATE 18/02/2016: We have now reached 72% towards our target! Thank you to Lesley & Tony Robertson for your kind donation and of course thanks to the anonymous donor!

UPDATE 01/04/2016: Thank you, Richy Williamson, for your kind donation, we have now reached 78% towards our target!

UPDATE 14/04/2016: We are now 80% of the way to our £500.00 target!!! Thank you, Ross, from Greenwood for your kind donation.

UPDATE 18/04/2016: The team are now 92% of the way to our £500.00 target! A big thank you to Domestic Lifts and Mike & Marion Cox for your kind donations. Only £40.00 left to go!

UPDATE 25/04/2016: With only 5 DAYS TO GO until the team faces the Tough Mudder the guys are feeling the pressure now, but the good news is that we only have £40.00 left to raise to hit our targets! Thank you, Melvyn Hayden, for your kind donation. 

UPDATE 27/04/2016: Thanks to the kind donations from Tom Beadle, Gemma King, the team at Clik, James Tweedy, Brina Paul & Millie, the team at EDS Wooton Bassett & Sarah Griffin we have smashed our target hitting 132%!!!!

UPDATE 28/04/2016: This morning we have hit 139%!!! Thank you The Pipe Family, Matt Henness and Kellie, Darren & Milla for your kind donations. Only 2 days to go!!!

UPDATE 29/04/2016: With only 1 DAY TO GO your kind donations means we have raised an amazing £950.00!!! Thank you very much to Appromatt ltd, Megan Tompsett, Bryce Bellman, Abbie Garrard, Rose Bartlett, Jan, Andrew Rumble and Sarah Witchalls for your donations.

UPDATE 06/05/2016: The did it!!! On Saturday 30th April 2016 our team tackled the Tough Mudder Challenge. On behalf of everyone here at Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd, we would like to say a huge congratulations to Mark Hensby, Marc Cox, Darren Wilson, Bruce Auger, Ricky Gale and James Gager for their efforts in fundraising, training and taking on the Tough Mudder!   

To date, they have raised an amazing £1,220.00 for Epilepsy Research UK with even more still to come in!!! The team would like to say a massive thank you to:

Peter Mutch, Bruce Auger, Monika Brodska, Sarah Witchalls, Tony, Mikey, Georgie, James, Andrew Rumble, Jan, Rose Bartlett, Appromatt ltd, Megan Tompsett, Bryce Bellman, Abbie Garrard, Kellie Pickett, Darren, Milla, Matt Henness, The Family Pipe, Sarah Griffin, EDS at Wootton Bassett, Brina, Paul, Millie, James Tweedy, Clik, Tom Beadle, Gemma King, Melvyn Hayden, Mike Cox, Marion Cox, Domestic Lifts, Ross from Greenwood, Richy Williamson, Lesley Robertson, Tony Robertson, Mark Worthington, Karen Rawe, Catherine, Warren, Nathan and of course to all of those that chose to stay anonymous or handed cash into one of the team.


If you would like to sponsor our team of six from Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd and A2Dominion, please visit our JustGiving page. Alternatively you can donate by text by following these simple steps: 

  1. Enter unique code AMUK99
  2. The amount you wish to sponsor
  3. Send to 70070

JustGiving sends your donation straight to Epilepsy Research UK so it’s a quick and safe way to donate however if you would like to donate a different way please contact Marc Cox on 01189 303738 or email to discuss further options.

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