World Mental Health Day 201810-Oct-2018

World Mental Health Day is observed on 10th October every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health.

Every year one adult in four, along with one child in ten, will have a mental health issue. These conditions can profoundly affect literally millions of lives, affecting the capability of these individuals to make it through the day, to sustain relationships, and to maintain work.

The stigma attached to mental health causes a damaging, albeit ill-informed, attitude, making it more difficult for those affected to pursue help. According to UK estimates, only about one-fourth of those with mental health problems undergo ongoing treatment.

By stark contrast, the vast majority of those affected with these problems are faced with a variety of issues, ranging from isolation to uncertainty on where to get help or information, to relying on the informal support of family, friends or colleagues.

The best way to deal with this stigma is through facts and a better understanding of mental health problems. From identifying the causes, pinpointing solutions, and ultimately recognizing that we are really dealing with medical issues. 

Advanced Maintenance UK Ltd would encourage anyone having feeling anxiety or depression to speak with someone; it can be someone experienced like your GP, someone in the Human Resources at work, or even a just a friend. The first step is always the hardest.

The Mental Health Foundation has issued a series of publications; 

  • How to…Look after your mental health
  • How to…Overcome fear and anxiety
  • How to…Support mental health at Work
  • The truth about self-harm
  • How to…Manage and reduce stress
  • How to…Sleep better
  • How to…Look after your mental health using exercise
  • How to…Look after your mental health using mindfulness
  • How to...Look after your mental health in later life

If any of these sounds like something you can relate to, they are worth a read you can download them all HERE. Additionally, the ‘Mind’ website is a fantastic resource for all things to do with mental health, from symptoms, to advice, to how to support someone who is having mental health issues. The website can be found HERE.


Additional Resources

Good News for Mental Health in England

On 10th October 2018, World Mental Health Day, the government hosted the first ever global mental health summit.

Ministers and officials from more than 50 countries assembled in London for the summit, and in a move that will be welcomed by many that have been campaigning for improvement in Mental Health Services, a minister for suicide prevention was appointed in England by the Prime Minister Theresa May.

Ms May said the appointment of Health Minister Jackie Doyle-Price to the new role will help tackle the stigma surrounding suicide. The government has also promised more support in schools, bringing in new mental health support teams and offering help in measuring students' health, including their mental wellbeing. Ms May said: "We can end the stigma that has forced too many to suffer in silence and prevent the tragedy of suicide taking too many lives."

Alongside the announcement, the prime minister pledged £1.8m to the Samaritans so the charity can continue providing its free helpline for the next four years.

BBC News states Mrs Doyle-Price, who has been an MP since 2010, will now become the minister for mental health, inequalities and suicide prevention. As health is devolved separately to the UK's four nations, her role will include making sure each local area in England has effective plans to stop unnecessary deaths and to look into how technology could help identify those at risk.

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