Testimonial 3

I just thought that I would write this letter to say thank you for all the work that your company has done in the last couple of years.

It's not often that you write these letters as most companies do not have the dedication that your company has got. Your work engineers go above the call of duty when attending to repairs at Charles Clore Court.

I just thought that I would highlight a few statements from tenants and staff at Charles Clore Court:

  • Putting new emergency heaters together then assisting with issuing them to all tenants that had no heating
  • Reassuring frail elderly tenants when water is pouring though their ceilings in the middle of the night, when they could have just ignored them
  • Coming within the deadline dates
  • Always trying to improve the system so that we have less call outs
  • Always being smart and wearing uniforms at all times
  • Always make appointments, and very rarely cancel them unless an emergency happens
  • Always get an answer on the phone no matter what time of day or night it is
  • Always where ever possible make sure that tenants have hot water or heating before they leave the property even if its just temporary heaters or kettles whilst waiting for a part
  • Always return once the part is in stock which is usually the next day
  • Never leave us unsure what is happening as they always report in as they arrive in the building and always give us a report verbally as they leave the building

I have personally worked for A2Dominion Group for at least 10 years and in all the time I have worked for the company I have never had so much respect for a repairs company, but your company certainly excels themselves in customer satisfaction, and the dedication that your staff have is second to none.

Thank you again and please never leave us as it is wonderful to have a wonderful company to reply on.